Scrisoare către Canalul 4 ( Channel 4 )

Dear Channel 4 team,

My name is Ștefan ( Steven ) Bădiță. I live in Romania and if i come to uk it will be just for visiting. I am against imigration. I am proud to be Romanian, i have 24 yo, i am studying at the 2nd faculty ( Public administration), i love your country, your ancient culture, but i don’t understand why do you hate all the Romanians and why do you think and say GIPSIES = ROMANIANS!


First of all, search these names on the internet  – they are a few of the Romanian personalities – ( for example) and make a program, „Discover Romania and Romanians” for example:

– Henry Coandă
– Petrache Poenaru
– Ioan Pop de Popa
– Eugen Pavel ( invented the Hyper CD-Rom with 10.000 GB)
– Alexandru Ioan Cuza
– Vlad Țepeș ( Vlad the Impaler)
– Mihai Viteazul ( Michael the Brave)
– Ștefan cel Mare ( Steven de Great)
– Mircea cel Bătrân ( Old Mircea)
– Nadia Comăneci
– Justin Capră
– Ana Aslan
– Mihai Eminescu
– Ștefan Odobleja
– Ionuț Budișteanu
– Anghel Saligny
– Decebal
– Burebista
– George Enescu
– Aurel Vlaicu
– Traian Vuia

Second of all: the gipsies are not ROMANIANS, not BULGARIANS, not SERBIANS, not HUNGARIANS, not POLISH, not TURKISH…… they are NOT EUROPEANS!

„The demonyms of the Romani people, Lom and Dom share the same etymological origin, reflecting Sanskrit ḍoma „a man of low caste, living by singing and music”

Genetic evidence identified an indian origin for gipsies. Linguistic evidence indicates the gipsies originated from the Rajasthani people, emigrating from India no earlier than the 11th century.

Arrival in Europe:
In 1322 a Franciscan monk named Simon Simeonis described people in likeness to the „atsingani” living in Crete and in 1350.

By the 14th century, the gipsies had reached the Balkans and Bohemia; by the 15th century, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal; and by the 16th century, Russia, Denmark, Scotland and Sweden. Some gipsies migrated from Persia through North Africa, reaching Europe via Spain in the 15th century.

In 1758, Maria Theresa of Austria began a program of assimilation to turn gipsies into ujmagyar (new Hungarians). The government built permanent huts to replace mobile tents, forbade travel, and forcefully removed children from their parents to be fostered by non-gipsies.

So, now, if you already read, what do you think? Are ROMANIANS still GIPSIES?! NO, this gipsies have Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, … nationality, but they are not the same like us, like europeans!

Please, end the production of the show „Vin Românii” and replace it with something good about Romania. I would happilly come in one tv show on Channel 4 to speak about my country and to explain full-detailed why a lot of Romanians are leaving their country.

Some friends of mine, wanted to start a campaign named „Discover real civilized English people” and to show the drunk peoples who are comming in Romania, and not only that. Also they wanted to show the article from Euro 2000, after England loss 2-3 with Romania, the hooligans trashed the Belgian city of Charleloi.

„The Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure echoed the sentiments of many in Brussels and Charleroi with its front-page headline of Hooligans, Go Home!
„Taking account of the numerous incidents in the last few days,” the paper continued, „it is with some relief that we see the English players and above all their supporters going home.”

I told them to stop, because not this is the right answer…. The anger, envy, hate are the mistaken ways…

Best wishes from me and with all the respect for the U.K. people, for Channel 4 and for our countries please, stop the media war against us.

P.S. – Look at this clips in English:   

13 comentarii Adăugă-le pe ale tale

  1. daca iti place sa fii considerat tigan / hot / curva / cersetor este alegerea ta! sunt cetateni europeni, dar nu se comporta ca niste cetateni europeni!


  2. Multam fain Moni 🙂


  3. eu nu am timp sa sociazez extraordinar de mult. reactionez bine la alte pareri, caci aprob toate comentariile, chiar si criticile 🙂 fara nicio problema 🙂


  4. astronautul spune:

    Si totusi a-ti da like la propiile articole reflecta asta. Cat despre publicitate in blogosfera se face foarte simplu, interactionezi. Asa se face. Bine ai venit in bligosfera.

    PS: Data viitoare, incearca sa reactionezi mai bine la parerile celorlalti, pe blog sau in „real life”


  5. nici disperare de afirmare :))))) las-o dracu de treaba :))) ca n-am ajuns sa imi pun reclame, precum idiotii cu site-uri de filme gratuite :)))


  6. astronautul spune:

    si cand faci asta, sunt doua motive. narcisism, iar tuaispusca nu este vorba de narcisism desi si poza profilului spune altceva, si a doua este disperare de afirmare. Care este din ele pana la urma ?


  7. astronautul spune:

    si cand aci asta, sunt doua motive. narcisism, iar tuaispusca nu este vorba de narcisism desi si poza profilului spune altceva, si a doua este disperare de afirmare. Care este din ele pana la urma ?


  8. apreciez fiecare articol pt. ca in felul asta este o mica publicitate in plus 🙂 nu are nimic de a face cu narcisismul =))) cand public e publicitate, cand distribui alta publicitate, cand apreciez, din nou publicitate! sunt 3 notificari separate 🙂 nu imi permit publicitate pe site-uri sau la televizor ori radio momentan si din pacate.


  9. astronautul spune:

    interesant articolul, dar de ce iti dai like la propiul articol. am vazut fiecare au like-ul tau, suferi de narcisism ?


  10. Monique spune:

    Well done my smart cousin ☺️


  11. none spune:

    esti de 10 ori mai bolnav decat cel mai penal tabloid de pe aici… rromii nu sunt cetateni europeni? mai rasist ca tine nu prea exista.


  12. Birliba spune:

    Un punct de vedere sănătos!


  13. Iuliu spune:

    Da la nuntile romanesti… „sa cante lautaru!!!”


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